Home Products Cryolipolysis Machine YM-5539 Cryolipolysis Machine with best effect for fat removal
YM-5539 Cryolipolysis Machine with best effect for fat removal
YM-5539 Cryolipolysis Machine with best effect for fat removal YM-5539 Cryolipolysis Machine with best effect for fat removal YM-5539 Cryolipolysis Machine with best effect for fat removal YM-5539 Cryolipolysis Machine with best effect for fat removal YM-5539 Cryolipolysis Machine with best effect for fat removal

YM-5539 Cryolipolysis Machine with best effect for fat removal

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YM-5539 Cryolipolysis Machine as one of Hollywood's favorite slimming and fat-reducing devices. With its unique non-invasive cryogenic technology, Cryolipolysis "freezes" fat cells and excretes them through liver metabolism and lymphatic system. Cryolipolysis is certified by the US FDA and China CFDA. The clinical results of 4 million cases show that it is a safe, effective and comfortable non-invasive fat reducing device.


cryolipolysis machine for perfect body


What is advantage of slimming by cryolipolysis machine ?

Using non-invasive cooling technology, Cryolipolysis machine work by selectively decomposes fat cells without damaging other tissues or structures. It is the only slimming way to reduce the number of fat cells except liposuction.


The chicken soup is placed in the refrigerator, the water and oil will separate, and the oil will form a thick crystal. This is actually the principle of cryolipolysis . At a specific low temperature, the state of the water stromal cells remains unchanged, and the lipid matrix (fat) cells crystallize and naturally died, and are excreted with the body's metabolism.


Cell natural apoptosis V.S cell necrosis


The oil of fat cells need to be metabolized by the liver. There are two main methods of fat reduction on the market: one is to make the cell volume smaller and the quantity is the same, this way is easy to rebound; the second is to crush the fat cells, so that it is invisible Increased the burden on the liver. If the liver is not well metabolized, the crushed oil will be converted into visceral fat. But Cryolipolysis machine as the only system that can completely freeze the fat cells. It is a non-invasive treatment, which initiates the natural apoptosis mechanism of fat cells, does not harm the surrounding tissue structure, and allows the "freezing dead" fat cells to be naturally excreted. ,Safe and effective. White fat cells were significantly reduced after 7 days, 14 days, or even 90 days after treatment.


Ultrasound imaging technology was used to observe the human body for 3 months before and after treatment, and it was found that the subcutaneous fat was reduced by 0.7 cm. For the experiment of pork, the middle was treated by cryolipolysis, and the two sides were not done, and the middle part of the fat was significantly reduced.



Ultrasound imaging of clinical patients before and after treatment with cool plastics showed. The fat layer in the middle of the skin and fascia was 7.2 mm before treatment and reduced to 5.4 mm after treatment. Through the clinical results of about 4 million cases, it was found that the location of the cryotherapy treatment can reduce the fat by about 25% on average.


Choosing all the fat-reducing instruments requires a key parameter: during the fat-reducing process, cholesterol, triglycerides, and liver function are within normal limits. These parameters can be used to know whether fat is excreted or converted into visceral fat.


For the fat-reducing instrument, our first concern is the effectiveness. In the research process of Cryolipolysis machine treatment for more than ten years, there are a lot of experiments to prove that fat cells are naturally apoptotic and metabolized; the second is to prove the safety of using cryolipolysis machine. All respondents found through neurological assessment that there was only a temporary neurotransmission insensitivity and there was no long-term change in fiber structure.


 Cryolipolysis scientific evidence and international journal papers published - treatment effect


In a randomized lumbar treatment report, all patients were found to have an average reduction of 22.4% of the fat layer. In fact, cryolipolysis machine reduced the number of fat cells by 25% on average, but reduced the average waist by 22.4%.

Scientific evidence and publication of international journal articles - treatment effect and satisfaction


86% of patients who have done cryotherapy will consider treating other parts of the body; 86% of patients who have used cryolipolysis are willing to recommend to relatives and friends, which proves that cryolipolysis machine has a certain reputation.


Using vacuum pressure to suck the body's cellulite into the instrument, and then through the cold action, the cellulite cells are "frozen" and then naturally metabolized out of the body.


Different cryolipolysis handle for different body part treatment , Cryolipolysis slimming machine is more used for the abdomen or lower abdomen, male beer belly, women postpartum belly, etc.; It is more used for the belly,  fat in the lower abdomen, Generally, there are four points around the navel to remove stubborn fat from the small belly. Cryolipolysis fat freezing machine can be used to create a perfect waistline. It is especially easy to accumulated fat on the waist side and under the underwear line. Cryolipolysis can be used to solve these two parts. The stubborn cellulite.


At the same time, Cryolipolysis machine also solve the fat problem of two parts: First, the hip which is off the line, many girls are very thin but there is fat under the buttocks, so that the hips look drooping; Second, male breast disease, many fat men are losing weight After that, it is easy to get loosing breast .


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